Bengali Keyboard with Bangla Typing

Download the app now to make your
conversations fun and heartfelt!
By Bharat Keyboard

Bengali Keyboard with Bangla Typing

Download the app now to make your
conversations fun and heartfelt!
By Bharat Keyboard


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Free Bangla Typing Tool

English to Bangla Transliteration is just a click away with our Free Bangla Typing Tool
Free Bengali Typing tool allows you to convert your text to Bengali while you maintain your average typing speed.
With Bharat Keyboard’s Bangla Input tool type English to Bengali anywhere on the web. 

It’s Fast. It’s Accurate. It’s Free

Bengali Keyboard App Features

Best English to Bangla Typing Keyboard App with “Fatafati (ফাটাফাটি)” 😎 AI innovative features,
free Bengali Marathi Stickers, BigMoji’s, and fast Bengali Voice typing.

Effortless Voice Typing in Bengali

Chatting in Bengali has never been this easy. Hassle-free Bangla keyboard App for chatting is all yours for free. 

Voice to text feature on Bharat Keyboard’s Bangla Keyboard Online makes chatting in Bengali super easy for everyone.
If you are busy driving and can’t text or you simply want to multitask leave it on the Bengali keyboard to do all the work for you. Simply say what’s in your mind and the keyboard will write it.

Say It With Bangla or English Stickers

Just what you need to liven up your chats.

Send these fun Bengali stickers and GIFs to your friends and family to make your conversation fun and expressive.
There are tons of Bangla stickers and GIFs in Bengali Typing App for you. Relatable moments captured with the Bengali stickers and GIFs can be easily shared with your fellow Bangla speakers.

Amazing themes for cute and personalized display experiences.

Plain old default themes belong in the past.
Add a personal touch to your English to Bengali typing keyboard with this fun feature.

Select from the beautiful themes in the Bangla Kibot/Keyboard theme section or use any picture in your gallery as your theme.

BigMoji – Because your chats deserve bigger and better.

Bharat Keyboard’s Bangla Typing App brings for you fun and colorful BigMojis.
Share BigMoji with your friends and family by just long pressing any emoji on the emoji bar. 

They are big, bold, and beautiful.

Share what’s in your heart with Bobblehead stickers.

Make personalized stickers with Bharat Keyboard’s Bangla Keyboard App. 

  • Click a selfie or upload your favorite image in the keyboard app. 
  • Wait a few seconds as the app creates your cartoonized bobblehead.
  • You are all set to personalized hundreds of sticker templates and create personalized stickers.

There are sticker templates available for special occasions, Bengali festivals, and feelings.
You can further customize the stickers by adding custom text to stickers in any language (Bangla or English). 

Download Now For Free

No more 🥱 humdrum chats with Bengali Keyboard (বাঙালি কীবোর্ড আপা ) around! Now that you are all set,
download Bangla keyboard Online and feel the magical transformation happen on your chats 😍

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Get To Know Us Better – FAQs

How to enable Bangla Keyboard App and type on your Android phone
  • Go to your device’s Settings.
  • Tap System, then select Language & Input.
  • Tap Virtual Keyboard or On-Screen, then choose Manage on-screen Keyboards.
  • Toggle the button On for Bangla Keyboard.
  • Open the app you want to type in and click on the keyboard icon on the bottom right corner.
  • Select Bengali Keyboard and start typing.
Does the Bengali keyboard collect my personal data?

We understand that you encountered a warning message saying that Bangla Keyboard may be able to collect your data. However, this is a standard Android alert that appears whenever ANY third-party keyboard is enabled. We are designed not to collect, store, or transmit any sensitive data. The Bengali Keyboard’s cutting-edge innovation gathers just anonymous insights for better forecasts and improves your experience. Our keyboard is absolutely safe to user experience.

How do I use Voice to Text with Bengali Typing Keyboard Online for Android?

Bengali Keyboard App has the voice recognition feature turned on by default.

  • Open the Bangla typing keyboard on your desired app.
  • Press the microphone on the left side of the suggestion bar.
  • Select your preferred Language English to Bengali typing from the bottom bar of the keyboard.
  • Tap on the microphone and begin speaking.
  • The words start appearing on the textbox instantly.
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Why users ❤️ our Bengali Typing Keyboard?

AK Mahato

“This is the best bangla keyboard available in has got awesome features and gestures in also has an awesome sticker pack which you can use while chatting and have lots of fun. 😃❤️”
Akash .Choudhury

“যেই এটা ব্যবহার করুন সহজেই বাংলায় টাইপিং শিখে যাবেন এটার মতো কিবোর্ড অ্যাপ আর পাবেননা।💕💕💕”
Adrila banerjee

“This Bengali keyboard is absolutly faboulus…i just love it…and stickers are really funny… worth it”

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