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Best 😎 Bangla (বাংলা) Keyboard App with “Fatafati” AI innovative features, free trending Bengali Stickers, BigMoji’s and Bengali Typing.

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No more humdrum chats with Bengali (বাঙালি) Keyboard around! Now that you are all set, take this Bangla (বাংলা) Keyboard App for a spin and feel the magical transformation happen on your chats😍

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Go to your device's Settings. Scroll Down and tap System, then select Language & Input. In the Languages & Input section, tap Virtual Keyboard or On-Screen, then choose Manage on-screen Keyboards. Toggle the button On for Bangla Keyboard. Open the app you want to type in and click on the keyboard icon on the bottom right corner of the keyboard. Select Bangla Keyboard and start typing.
We understand that you encountered a warning message saying that Bangla Keyboard may be able to collect your data. However, this is a standard Android alert that appears whenever ANY third-party keyboard is enabled. We are designed not to collect, store, or transmit any sensitive data. The Keyboard's cutting-edge innovation gathers just anonymous insights for better forecasts and improves your experience.
Bangla Keyboard App has the voice recognition feature turned on by default. Open the keyboard on your desired app. To make the keyboard type for you - Press the microphone on the left side of the suggestion bar. Select your preferred Language Bangla or English from the bottom bar of the keyboard. Tap on the microphone and begin speaking. The words start appearing on the textbox instantly.

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