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The advancement of technology has led to a lot of inventions and the development of AI-enabled devices, which act as a great source of support and convenience in almost all the industries possible. Machine Learning and artificial intelligence have made data the future that could not have been possible without social media and all online platforms which engage people all around the world. 

But now, as we witness the lockdown across economies due to Corona, it seems to be the need of an hour. More than 90% of the service sector has started work from home methodology in executing the work processes and serving their clients. 

This practice has actually made people realize that amidst lockdown, there has been no bad effect on their businesses except the time taken by employees to get used to it. Most of the companies have realized the significance of digital working due to this pandemic.

It is also predicted that this is the future, where people would be encouraged to carry on their duties from the comfort of their homes. This practice is very beneficial for corporations and employees. 


It abolishes the need for physical offices as all the work commitments and interaction is possible through online platforms like Google meet, hangouts, zoom app, etc.

It saves their time and money in daily commuting and reduces the extra efforts spent on complementary services like cleanliness, healthy and safe working environment


It is a very good opportunity for them to work in the comfort of their homes, preventing the everyday hassle of spending too much time commuting to the office, enabling a more work-life balance, and improving their personal and professional relations.

Well, with these positive implications of going digital, it demands a heavy dependence on typing keywords and hardware to simplify the execution of work digitally.

To make your online typing experience more fun and enriching, Bharat keyboard has launched an AI-powered Bengali keyboard for Android.

The Bangla typing keyboard comes with exciting and customized features that are engaging and connects the audience with the regional languages of India, thereby keeping the spirit of traditions and culture alive within them.

The Bangla typing keyboard comes with a customized set of gifs and stickers that Bengali can relate to. The sticker of Misti Doi, the Atlacholo song, Durga puja, and a lot of such things are the essence of Bengal.

Sounds interesting, right?

The Bangla typing keyboard is embedded with AI technology which suggests the right and relevant stickers and gifs that go right with your message. It helps both non-Bengalis to convey the message in the right context and a Bengali to add the right emotion that touches your heart. 

So download Bengali Keyboard App now on all your android devices and enjoy unlimited Bangla communications like never before!

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