How the Bengali Language Evolved over the Years

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Unesco had declared Bengali as the sweetest language in the world. The joy of the Bengalis knew no bounds at that time. Despite being the sweetest language of this vast globe filled with various dialects, Bengali is also a language that facilitates change with valour. 

Thus, Bangla is the language of revolution, of liberty and freedom. Each word of the language has its unique historical significance. The Bengali language is emblematic of the history, culture and heritage of Bengal. The transition from the ancient Bengali literature to the modern Bengali dialect appropriates much of its significance in the broader national history of India. The medieval period of Bangla literature exerted its influence all over the nation with the culmination of the Bhakti movement propounded by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 

Bengali literature through its dialect, even centuries before being declared as the sweetest language of the world, propounded the virtues of love, peace, harmony and universal presence of God in all beings irrespective of caste, creed, religion and gender. The wave of the Bhakti movement was felt in every part of the nation which celebrated the new found meaning of life and the divine. 

Later, in the modern period, with the impulse of the patriotic movement to fight against British imperialism, Bangla became the revolutionary medium of the Indian freedom movement.

The legacy of the Bengali language is amplified through Indian national anthem originally composed in Bangla by Rabindranath Tagore. 

The Bengali language has almost 250-300 million speakers worldwide. It is the national language of Bangladesh, and the official language of West Bengal, Tripura and some parts of Assam in India.

During the partition of 1947, Bengal was divided into East Bengal and West Bengal with variance in their Bangla speaking dialect. The former struggle for the mother language movement against West Pakistan in the decade of 1970 is recognised as the international mother language day by Unesco in 1999. 

The Bengali language is an intrinsic part of Bengali identity that transcends geographical boundaries and combines even culturally diverse regions.

With its folk heritage and millennium history, the Bengali language embodies a vast, diverse and avant-garde literary tradition. 

To celebrate and honour this diversity and keep the rich culturally charged language aligned with the modern-day demand, the Bharat keyboard developed its Bangla keyboard to facilitate a new form of usage.

The Bengali Keyboard with the best Bengali stickers is designed to render a seamless Bengali typing experience on virtual platforms. Thus, through this Bengali typing keyboard, the Bharat keyboard has retained the cultural connotations with a touch of technological advancements to meet the demand of the users.

Its authentic Bangla lexicon suggests a variety of accurate words to make communication hassle-free. The transliteration process effectively portrays the need for Banglish typing with a curious mixture of Bangla and English. Moreover, when not in a mood for typing, users can employ the text to speech feature. The keyboard with its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms simulates an authentic typing experience that interprets the text and effectively translates without typing!

To make conversation fun and engaging, this Bengali keyboard online has unlimited stickers, emojis, GIFs, BigMojis so that every moment spent on this keyboard seems worthwhile.

Experience the change while staying firmly rooted in your culture with this Bengali typing keyboard.  

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