The Power of Using Hashtag # on Social Media Platforms ✌

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It’s been thirteen years since the hashtag was created and advertisers are now debating their relevance. Some see merit in including them to coordinate their content, whereas others wonder if, in the first instance, individuals do need hashtags.

When we asked our Instagram audience how they feel about hashtags, 66 per cent said they were a core component of their social campaigns, but 34 per cent voted otherwise.

Part of the hashtag question is that advertisers do not regulate how individuals use them. Hijacking hashtags and leveraging a brand’s marketing campaign for the personal benefit on websites such as Twitter and TikTok have become standard practice for many.

Let’s focus on the positive hashtag usage and point at what doesn’t fit before we can look at the actual networks themselves.

  1. Don’t create really long hashtags that are hard to read 
    A hashtag must, by its very nature, be quick, clear and easy to follow. It is assumed that hashtags that contain too many words are counterproductive and tougher to read, thus decrease interaction.
  2. Hashtagging every single word
    It makes no sense. The entire point of a hashtag is to aggregate things so that you don’t contribute much meaning to the idea by doing anything word for word. It is also so that you don’t enter the dialogue and end up looking messy, making the post more difficult to understand. Thus, resulting in overall damage. 
  3. Proofread is a must
    By not testing how the hashtag really reads, you may wind up with a red face. As Susan Boyle learned, while a “Susan Album Band” in reality can sound like a nice idea, #susanalbumparty has entirely different overtones.

So now we’ve looked at the fundamentals, let’s take a glance at how this functions on a variety of big social media sites.


It’s probably safe to say that Twitter, as we recognize and utilize today, was the creation of the hashtag, so it’s a nice step to begin.

Tweets with hashtags get twice as much attention as tweets without, drawing on statistics from the Media. Of 1 or 2 hashtags, tweets have over a half higher engagement and tweets that use more than 2 hashtags currently display a 17 per cent decrease in engagement versus people with 3 or more hashtags.

Being sure that only the hashtag is important is among the most crucial aspects of making any sense. You can use apps like to send you some similar hashtags related to the subject of your tweets and to send you a popularity ranking.

A fast Twitter search will also let you see the latest tweets that might have a prominent hashtag for which you want to get on board.

The norms of Twitter; study the hashtag, and use not many as two per post for the highest interaction levels.


From one social media powerhouse to a new one, use of hashtags goes on. As the content of Facebook is not as micro as Twitter, you have more room and flexibility for your posts to perform as you want.

Facebook hashtag groupings are not half as strong as Twitter, mostly due to the more sophisticated Facebookers’ privacy rules, which describe why their updates can be top-loaded with articles from corporations and public website news providers.

The Facebook Rules of using hashtags: Again, studying the hashtag is always good, you must do it sparingly. It’s just not going to help you greatly because of the way Facebook operates, but it can’t do any damage at the same time used properly.


So far, the general recommendation has been to keep it casual with your hashtags, scatter them over your posts sparingly-that’s before you get on Instagram! According to the analysis articles of over 11 hashtags, hashtag addicted rejoice-it appears to be the strongest for gaining connections!

However, note that there is a significant distinction between a person posting and an agency. So the basic rule of trend is to maintain it at about 3-5 to avoid coming off as a little hyperactive and occasionally desperate. Why don’t you attach an emoji for a little more style, too?

The Instagram Rules-Think about good practise across the lines about Twitter but drive the ride out a little bit. Often double verify the hashtags before saving them, as in a few of the more savoury hashtags, Instagram may still have some very offensive material!


This is where it is getting confusing. Over the years, hashtags have been endorsed and unsupported by Linkedin and it is not shocking if people are puzzled. In the fall, Linkedin began to promote hashtags, but just on mobile devices. This implied that it would appear ‘dead’ on the web (and out of place) if you used a hashtag in your message, but it would run on the smartphone.

At some stage in 2017, LinkedIn announced that hashtags will come to the desktop, so it’s likely best to ignore them for the time going.

The Linkedin Rules-Don’t use them at the moment, but keep a watch on Linkedin alerts and get hashtags when there is complete support in place.

Bottom Line

Take a minute to objectively examine how you use hashtags as an aspect of your marketing approach.

You can transform hashtags into a strong weapon in your social media arsenal. Make sure you pursue your hashtag campaign with great precision and reason.

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