Valentine’s Day and Week 2022

February love month has begun! If so, if you love something that should not be hidden inside you, it should be shared because the time to share that love has come. Couples from all over the world are looking forward to this week so they can sink into the cold of love. From February 7 to February 14 the world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, starting with Rose Day. However most people know about Valentine’s Day but there are those who do not know what event it is. Now, if you are curious about the date list before Valentine’s Day at that time, you have come to the right page.

Valentine’s Day covers a total of 8 days. The first day of Valentine’s Day begins on Rose’s day followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Kiss Day, and ends on February 14 for Valentine’s Day.

Rose Day – February 7, 2021 (Sunday)

The Valentine’s Week list starts with Rose Day on February 7. On this day roses are introduced as a symbol of love. 

Roses are one of the prettiest flowers out there. They are present in different colours too, all of them being super pretty. Rose’s colour depicts different meanings in some cultures. Like the Red one stands for romantic love, while the yellow one stands for friendship and white stands for something else. All these, basically gives rose the importance it has. It is also a readily available flower in most countries and are the most famous thorny plant as well as flower. The scent of it is also subtle and soothing while also being edible and useful in skin care. Hence, almost everyone and especially girls love roses! So why not give them one on this day!

Lift Day – February 8, 2021 (Monday)

The lift day that is, the second day in Valentine’s week or love week is marked as the day of the proposal. Valentine’s Day is a very popular Valentine’s Day because couples get a chance to confess their love in front of their partners. If you feel scared or nervous doing this, just send him/her a cute love sticker.

Chocolate Day – February 9, 2021 (Tuesday)

Chocolate Day is the third day in the Valentine’s week. This day makes your bond special with that one thing sweeter than love chocolates. A little bit of chocolate can act as a cure for your relationship. 

Also, relationships can be of any kind, be it friendship, sibling’s relation or parent children relationship, chocolates are for all so do not hesitate and give people some love they deserve. Afterall, everyone loves something sweet, Especially a sweet gesture!

Teddy Day – February 10, 2021 (Wednesday)

The fourth day in the week of love is celebrated as Teddy Day! Teddies soft toys are very beautiful and very popular, loved by all girls. Give your girl a soft teddy bear, which will always remind her of you.

Day of promise – February 11, 2021 (Thursday)

Fifth day of Valentine’s week is Promise Day! On this day, the couple promise each other that they will always be together in all aspects of life. Take this day as an opportunity because the name of the day means everything! 

Promises are very important. They build the sense of trust, dependency and depth in relationships. Promises makes the relationships possible. They are one of the strongest words given to anyone! One should never break their promises, at least try not to! Afterall, what is a relationship without trust? And would you trust someone who breaks their promises all the time? In fact, unless it is something very unavoidable or the situation is extreme, people usually cannot trust somebody who broke their promise. Be the man/ woman of your words and make the relationship shine! 

Hug Day – February 12, 2021 (Friday)

Hug Day is the sixth day of Valentine’s week celebrated on February 12. A comfortable hug says more than words. So go ahead and hug your loved one! Kindly, letting him know that you love him/ her and will do it forever.

Your hug should be the warmest/ safest place for your partner and vice versa. Hugs are the cutest things in relationships. Feeling the warmth of your partner while embracing them. We feel their breath and also listen to their heartbeat. Sometimes feeling like we should stay like this forever. Well that’s so cute and romantic; but again, cuddles are the cutest things anyway, isn’t it?

Kissing Day- February 13, 2021 (Saturday)

The seventh day of Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a Day of Refreshment! A kiss day is about kissing to make your bond stronger. So, celebrate this Kiss Day with your partner in the best way possible. If they are not comfortable doing it or maybe you are away from them for some reason then send them a cute love message with loads of kissing emojis in their own language of love, Bengali using Bangla keyboard or similar keyboard.

Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2021 (Sunday)

Finally comes the last day of the week – Valentine’s Day! The anniversary falls on February 14 each year, and is celebrated in memory of Saint Valentine, a 3rd-century Roman saint. A day of joy, of celebration of love and commitment, and of the joy of finding the perfect marriage mate. These 8 days make every moment and every one memorable. 

Although love lasts forever and each day is the day of love, it is still so fresh and exciting to celebrate this week of love with your better half! It brings back all the memories of love you had together and in case of new relationships, helps them build these memories. All these days have specific ways of appreciating your partner and reminding you of how lucky you are. So, do not waste your time thinking way too much and go ahead and celebrate it! And if you are yet to confess to your crush then start with sending them a rose this Rose day! 

This was about the valentine’s week, now we want to wish you all the very best and good luck for it!

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